Transmit the idea of eco responsibility

Through the Life PROMESSE, the approach of Europe and all of its partners is to transmit the message eco responsibility.

Whatever the territory and whoever the population-school, general public, inhabitants of the village and Camargue, managers of other sites, staff of Marshlands of Vigueirat - the tools and the resources deployed for the transmission of the message played in the same logical way.

Because for all, the message remains the same :

Being eco-responsible is to feel RESPONSIBLE in relation to our environment, the water we drink, the air we breathe, vegetables, cereals or meat we eat … It meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of our CHILDREN and GRAND CHILDREN to meet their own needs,

Being eco-responsible is to DEVELOP ourselves, but in a SUSTAINABLE manner, renewable deal coping with environmental disasters, health, industrial. We need to change our attitudes and our modes of action,

Being eco-responsible is to globally

  • Learn to SHARE and SAVE SHARE Afairly the environmental resources and take into account the limited ability of the earth to absorb waste and pollution: is the environmental dimension of sustainable development.
  • Ensure ECONOMIC GROWTH to create EMPLOYMENT and SOCIAL equity : is the economic and social aspects of sustainable development.