The partners

Five partners are acting in dialogue to carry out the program of Life PROMISE: WWF-France, the Coastal Conservatory, the town of Arles, the Friends of the Marshlands of Vigueirat and CPIE Rhone Town of Arles.

An independent organisation of environmental protection, WWF-France is the general coordinator and head for Europe of the life PROMESSE program.

WWF overall objective is to stop the degradation of the environment, conserving biological diversity, ensuring the sustainable use of renewable natural resources and promoting measures to reduce pollution and over consumption.

The Coast Conservatory is a public institution, which by its land policy, aimed at protecting natural areas and landscapes on the sea and lake shores.

Marshlands of Vigueirat landowner and responsible for infrastructures building, it seeks to reconcile conservation of biological heritage of the marshes, maintaining human activities relevant to environmental protection, and raising public awareness for nature preservation.

With a rich historical and architectural heritage, which give to the town a universal fame, the city of Arles has a vast natural heritage and wishes to preserve it for itself and for tourism. It is the coordinator of dialogue in the Life PROMESSE program. The program fits in perfectly with this approach, combining discovery and compliance with an exceptional environmental site.

Managers of the site, the Friends of Marshlands of Vigueirat have in the Life PROMESSE Life program the role of technical coordinator, responsible for EMAS and for communication.

Life PROMESSE is the tool that enables the association ensuring the coherence of nature conservation and development missions through tourism nature, a rural development project focused on the environment with local stakeholders.

The CPIE Rhone Town of Arles - Permanent Centre of Initiatives for the Environment, label given to the Association for Environmental Education and citizenship of the town of Arles-is in charge of education for eco-responsibility in schools.

Its goal is to contribute to the development of a environmental sensitivity and awareness by concepts of citizenship and solidarity as well as the promotion of dynamic qualities such as independence, autonomy, involvement and acceptance to assume its responsibilities.