The programme: responsible tourism in a sensitive natural space

Life PROMESSE is a European project which aims to reduce the impact of human activities on a sensitive natural site in the Camargue (France), within the scope of increasing but responsible eco-tourism. In addition, it has the objective of making the public aware of the issue of eco-responsibility.
Life: Financial Instrument for the Environment
PROMESSE: Environmental Management Project on an Ecotourism Site in the Camargue
Project No.: LIFE03 ENV/F/000260t
Life : L’Instrument Financier pour l'Environnement
PROMESSE : PROjet de Management Environnemental Sur un Site Ecotouristique en camargue
N° : LIFE03 ENV/F/000260t

This programme includes several projects :

1. Adapt visitor facilities

The action relates to water, waste, energy, material selection and transportation. The goal is to make the natural site as "clean" as possible, transforming buildings and other infrastructure to welcome people : diagnosis, recommendation and implementation of agreed works will reduce the impact of man on the environment. At the end of the project, the site will benefit from recognised standardisation at a European level : the EMAS approach.

2. Include local stakeholders to the approach

It deals with extending the thought of the eco-responsibility to the wider-scale called the Grand Plan Bourg scale, by a process of enlarged consultation, through meetings, discussions and exchanges. The reflection will be conducted on the socio-economic activities of the rural territory considered, in a dynamic environment-friendly way.

3. Raise awareness and bring experience

The goal is to make the PROMESSE experience know in order to increase the importance of the project and those who find the means to reduce their environmental impact will try to replicate the program. A release is done within schools, visitors, the general public and amongst other natural sites managers.

Content of the website Life PROMESSE
Life PROMESSE is a pilot project for other natural sites. It fits into a network which has stood the same experience but at a European level, including in particular Italy and Germany.